Todays Workout 16 Sep 2011

My last formal exercise for the week.

Neck Flexion/ Extension

Standing Press

Trap Bar Deadlifts

Trap Bar Shrugs

Wrist Curl

All done one set to failure. Total time including weight plate changes- 20 minutes.

This brings us to the all important question of how much time is required towards enhancing ones health and fitness. The total time,  I spent this week is 42 minutes on formal exercise(weight training) and another 8 minutes on my sprint session, if one were to include that too.  Total time spent this week including speed/ sprint work is 50 minutes. This is far, far lesser compared to what most people are made to spend in activities that do not even touch the outer realms of what is required by the body to bring about the desired change. The precise dose when administered will bring about the necessary changes in the organism, provided adequate recovery is given. Will soon be posting an article that explains the dose-response relationship and why it is very important to understand this concept.

I will be off to the beach town of Pondicherry this weekend with my lovely wife and my friends family.  Looking forward to relaxing in the laid back atmosphere of Pondy.

Have a great weekend!!!




A quick sprint

Hope everyone is gaining a lot of insight from – 30 day transformation.

Just back from a quick sprint at the local playground. No artificial running track or anything. 8 minutes of sheer DELIGHT.

8 rounds x 100 mts Sprint @ 90% max effort.

One round is an all out 100 mts Sprint followed by either a 60% effort run or walk(towards the last few rounds)back to the starting blocks.

Please note that this is not part of the formal exercise that I do. The formal exercise is only STRENGTH TRAINING. This is an activity that gives expression to my genes. It is embedded in our genes to sprint, but we never give expression to this. In addition to not giving proper stimulus for our genes to express themselves, we also bring about factors that suppress our genes from expressing themselves in the best possible manner.

Modern research also supports this supposedly primal behavior of ours, in having a profound effect on overall fitness and weight loss than a medium paced jog, which not only takes a lot of time, but also puts more impact stress on the joints. Sprints not only increase metabolism, but also bring about  improved insulin sensitivity, as the local stores of glycogen from the muscles is utilized for the high intensity sprint and creates an environment that would aid more absorption of glycogen (glucose) into the muscles, than shunt it towards fat storage.

To see the profound benefits of sprinting, take a look at the bodies of sprinters and compare the same with long distance runners. Sprinters are always more leaner and muscular(meaner) whereas the long distance runners are always thin and do not carry the muscular look of their sprinting counterparts.

Introducing sprinting into your lifestyle requires a significant fitness base, that needs muscle strength and flexibility, which can be achieved only by proper resistance training. Start your sprints gently and over a period gradually increase the speed and intensity of your sprints over time. Do only one sprint session a week.

You can also chose to do these all out bursts on a stationery cycle. Running is great, but also comes with the risk of injury if you do not have the required practice or muscle strength. Be safe, be smart and don’t injure yourself in pursuit of excessive fitness.




Todays Workout 13 Sep 2011

Had a great workout as usual. This is the first workout of the week. Posting it just before rushing to office.

1. Manual Resistance for Neck Lateral flexion

2. Trap Bar Deadlifts

3. Overhead Press

4. Barbell Curls

5. Calf Raises

6. Grip Work – thick bar hold until grip gives up.

All done, one set to failure with no warm-ups. Time spent in the gym working out 20 minutes(including plate loading/ unloading)

Off to work. Have a great day!


True Lies- Fat Loss & The Treadmill

Myth: To stay fit & healthy, one has to exercise everyday for hours in addition to performing cardio. Cardio being the ultimate activity towards fat burning apart from strengthening one’s cardiovascular system. And what better equipment than the beloved treadmill to do it.

What I’ve observed in almost every gym is, by default these treadmills are always placed in front of television sets to keep the clients distracted from whatever activity they are doing. Point to be noted, which most gym owners already have taken note of is, “CARDIO” is boring and if clients realized this, they would rather take a walk in the park than walk on those treadmills. Question yourself the next time, whether you really need to put in your ration of daily cardio on the treadmill. If you want to walk, simply go out to the park or the beach with your loved one and walk while you enjoy what nature as to offer. You do not need a machine to make you walk or run faster; only you can do that.

So what else does the treadmill provide if it is not required to make you walk. It provides you with an “accurate” display of how much calories you burnt, so that you can burn off that nice dessert that you had with so much guilt. WRONG. The next time (if you still want to) step on the treadmill, note that it asks you for you age and weight. This is basically to give you an idea as to how many calories you burn, which is true, but the main reason this data is gathered is for the treadmill to calculate your basal metabolic rate. This apart, performing steady state activities do not engage the fast twitch muscle fibers (the ones which have the greatest potential for growth), and anything that the body does not use becomes useless and the body tries to get rid of this; case here- the fast twitch muscle fibers which are the most beneficial type of muscle tissue. A kilogram of muscle tissue requires anywhere between 100-200 calories a day to keep it alive. So if one were to lose this precious muscle tissue by walking on the treadmill, it would result in the loss of more calories than what the treadmill displays. These calories would have otherwise been required just to keep that muscle tissue alive. Another reason to stay away from the treadmill. A great explanation of this can be found in Body by Science by Dr. Doug McGuff.

The repetitive stress that steady state activities impose, do not show up until middle or later ages as joint problems in the knees and hips.  Reason enough to stay away from these low intensity-high risk activities.

Fact: NO ACTIVITY INCLUDING EXERCISE DOES NOT BURN ENOUGH CALORIES TO HELP LOSE FAT. To lose fat one must change the way he eats and strive to preserve and then add lean muscle tissue. This would then enhance in helping burn more calories. Including intermittent fasting(another important topic) is an effective and proven method to bring about the necessary changes towards losing fat. Progressive resistance training is the only effective method to add lean mass that not only helps you become stronger, but also moves you in the right direction towards fat loss. But combining it with a sensible eating plan, that should become more a lifestyle change than a quick fix “diet” will only then bring the desired results as far as fat loss goals are concerned.

We will look at the potentially life threatening effects of steady state activities like walking on treadmills for endless hours in future posts.

To sum it up, strength train once or twice a week intensely, eat sensibly including fasts into your lifestyle, stay active and enjoy life.



Welcome to my blog

After years of searching to find the truth regarding proper exercise and how to effectively integrate it into ones lifestyle, without having to sacrifice the more important things in life, I bring you this blog. The blog will focus on providing a proven method of exercise(not all activities can be termed as exercise) that not only has a scientific backing to it, but also has documented evidence of success to substantiate the theory. A track back to simple but effective “eating” and not a “dieting” plan will simplify the worries for people wanting to lose all those extra baggage without stressing their lives and the lives of those around them.

The “fitness” industry in India, has to got to be rationalized, as there has been a steady growth of fitness chains, but also a greater threat of growing obesity. The truth has to understood and clients have to start questioning the rationale behind the training programs offered to them. The blog will also bring to light the fraudulent marketing techniques by which supplements are sold to clients as the “Ultimate” elixir that will fix everything. Clients being promised a “Ripped” physique are more often than not, only “Ripped Off”.

I would at this point like to thank Dr. Darden, Dr. Doug McGuff, Mark Sission, Keith Norris, Bill DeSimone, Skyler Tanner, Randy Rindfleish and others who have helped impart this knowledge onto me. Special thanks goes to Drew Baye, who has always supported me. Drew, you have been a great motivation and an awesome ambassador of HIT.


I will soon set the blog rolling.

In the meantime, please click on the links to get an idea of the scientific methods of exercising and the lifestyle changes that one needs to incorporate to enhance and enjoy one’s life to the fullest. Drew Baye has awesome articles on his website which is a must read for anyone aspiring to learn about maximizing the benefits of proper exercise. Dr. McGuff’s Body by Science provides an in-depth view at how bodybuilding as a science functions and how it will work for you. Please do watch the Youtube Channel of Body By Science, and you will get an idea of why traditional cardio is ineffective and absolutely not required. Mark Sisson’s “Marks Daily Apple”, is an important site that discusses the effectiveness of whole foods and why staying active is an absolute requirement for enhancing one’s life.Read the success stories that have come about without any supplementation. Leansaloon is a “no-nonsense” practical approach towards intermittent fasting. Enjoy a stress free trip to achieving your best body!!!