Diet is necessary, but what works? From Jim Flanagan


It is relatively simple, as we age, we lose bone density and muscle which is accelerated due to sedentary lifestyles.

A simple blue print is:

Balance your daily diet with choices from the major Whole Food Groups

Increase your daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables to at least 5-10 servings

Control your portions (example-protein portions the size of your palm)

Increase your water intake to at least 8-12 8 oz. glasses per day

Make sure you get uninterrupted rest of 8 hours each night

Select an exercise program that incorporates the “Triangle of Physical Fitness”

Don’t count your calories each day, however don’t go below 1200 calories

Reduce the so-called “empty calorie” foods (all processed foods; sugar-loaded cereals; low fiber/high carb snacks)

This simple method works! Try it.

The simple blue print is from Jim Flanagan. However, I have modified a little on the choice of food groups and counting calories.





I am part of Post a week 2011

I will be posting at least once a week in 2011. My workout of the week, rather two will ensure that visitors get an insight into how little formal training is required to achieve a lean and muscular physique.

I will be using The DailyPost, to help me contribute what I’ve learnt.

Looking forward to posting more interactive and exciting posts.


Welcome to my blog

After years of searching to find the truth regarding proper exercise and how to effectively integrate it into ones lifestyle, without having to sacrifice the more important things in life, I bring you this blog. The blog will focus on providing a proven method of exercise(not all activities can be termed as exercise) that not only has a scientific backing to it, but also has documented evidence of success to substantiate the theory. A track back to simple but effective “eating” and not a “dieting” plan will simplify the worries for people wanting to lose all those extra baggage without stressing their lives and the lives of those around them.

The “fitness” industry in India, has to got to be rationalized, as there has been a steady growth of fitness chains, but also a greater threat of growing obesity. The truth has to understood and clients have to start questioning the rationale behind the training programs offered to them. The blog will also bring to light the fraudulent marketing techniques by which supplements are sold to clients as the “Ultimate” elixir that will fix everything. Clients being promised a “Ripped” physique are more often than not, only “Ripped Off”.

I would at this point like to thank Dr. Darden, Dr. Doug McGuff, Mark Sission, Keith Norris, Bill DeSimone, Skyler Tanner, Randy Rindfleish and others who have helped impart this knowledge onto me. Special thanks goes to Drew Baye, who has always supported me. Drew, you have been a great motivation and an awesome ambassador of HIT.


I will soon set the blog rolling.

In the meantime, please click on the links to get an idea of the scientific methods of exercising and the lifestyle changes that one needs to incorporate to enhance and enjoy one’s life to the fullest. Drew Baye has awesome articles on his website which is a must read for anyone aspiring to learn about maximizing the benefits of proper exercise. Dr. McGuff’s Body by Science provides an in-depth view at how bodybuilding as a science functions and how it will work for you. Please do watch the Youtube Channel of Body By Science, and you will get an idea of why traditional cardio is ineffective and absolutely not required. Mark Sisson’s “Marks Daily Apple”, is an important site that discusses the effectiveness of whole foods and why staying active is an absolute requirement for enhancing one’s life.Read the success stories that have come about without any supplementation. Leansaloon is a “no-nonsense” practical approach towards intermittent fasting. Enjoy a stress free trip to achieving your best body!!!