Diet is necessary, but what works? From Jim Flanagan


It is relatively simple, as we age, we lose bone density and muscle which is accelerated due to sedentary lifestyles.

A simple blue print is:

Balance your daily diet with choices from the major Whole Food Groups

Increase your daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables to at least 5-10 servings

Control your portions (example-protein portions the size of your palm)

Increase your water intake to at least 8-12 8 oz. glasses per day

Make sure you get uninterrupted rest of 8 hours each night

Select an exercise program that incorporates the “Triangle of Physical Fitness”

Don’t count your calories each day, however don’t go below 1200 calories

Reduce the so-called “empty calorie” foods (all processed foods; sugar-loaded cereals; low fiber/high carb snacks)

This simple method works! Try it.

The simple blue print is from Jim Flanagan. However, I have modified a little on the choice of food groups and counting calories.





About Karthik
I am an IART certified High Intensity Trainer. After countless searches and futile attempts at finding the truth about proper training methods, I finally have learnt, practiced and am now willing to share the knowledge to enable everyone that visits my blog to benefit. Thanks to all my friends and guides who have brought me to this level and have given me the confidence to do this.

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