Strength Training for Women

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been actively pushing towards starting my personal training facility in Chennai. This has taken time out of me and am unable to contribute actively to the blog.  Below is a link to an excellent science based article from Dr. Doug McGuff about the benefits of brief high intensity strength training for women.

Proper resistance training is even more important for women because they possess less muscle mass.

Women who are fed up with the results with their current long boring treadmill sessions, give proper strength training by working out once or at most, twice a week, making sure your workouts last no longer than 20 minutes. See the results.



About Karthik
I am an IART certified High Intensity Trainer. After countless searches and futile attempts at finding the truth about proper training methods, I finally have learnt, practiced and am now willing to share the knowledge to enable everyone that visits my blog to benefit. Thanks to all my friends and guides who have brought me to this level and have given me the confidence to do this.

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