Todays Workout 16 Sep 2011

My last formal exercise for the week.

Neck Flexion/ Extension

Standing Press

Trap Bar Deadlifts

Trap Bar Shrugs

Wrist Curl

All done one set to failure. Total time including weight plate changes- 20 minutes.

This brings us to the all important question of how much time is required towards enhancing ones health and fitness. The total time,  I spent this week is 42 minutes on formal exercise(weight training) and another 8 minutes on my sprint session, if one were to include that too.  Total time spent this week including speed/ sprint work is 50 minutes. This is far, far lesser compared to what most people are made to spend in activities that do not even touch the outer realms of what is required by the body to bring about the desired change. The precise dose when administered will bring about the necessary changes in the organism, provided adequate recovery is given. Will soon be posting an article that explains the dose-response relationship and why it is very important to understand this concept.

I will be off to the beach town of Pondicherry this weekend with my lovely wife and my friends family.  Looking forward to relaxing in the laid back atmosphere of Pondy.

Have a great weekend!!!




About Karthik
I am an IART certified High Intensity Trainer. After countless searches and futile attempts at finding the truth about proper training methods, I finally have learnt, practiced and am now willing to share the knowledge to enable everyone that visits my blog to benefit. Thanks to all my friends and guides who have brought me to this level and have given me the confidence to do this.

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