Diet is necessary, but what works? From Jim Flanagan


It is relatively simple, as we age, we lose bone density and muscle which is accelerated due to sedentary lifestyles.

A simple blue print is:

Balance your daily diet with choices from the major Whole Food Groups

Increase your daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables to at least 5-10 servings

Control your portions (example-protein portions the size of your palm)

Increase your water intake to at least 8-12 8 oz. glasses per day

Make sure you get uninterrupted rest of 8 hours each night

Select an exercise program that incorporates the “Triangle of Physical Fitness”

Don’t count your calories each day, however don’t go below 1200 calories

Reduce the so-called “empty calorie” foods (all processed foods; sugar-loaded cereals; low fiber/high carb snacks)

This simple method works! Try it.

The simple blue print is from Jim Flanagan. However, I have modified a little on the choice of food groups and counting calories.




Strength Training for Women

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been actively pushing towards starting my personal training facility in Chennai. This has taken time out of me and am unable to contribute actively to the blog.  Below is a link to an excellent science based article from Dr. Doug McGuff about the benefits of brief high intensity strength training for women.

Proper resistance training is even more important for women because they possess less muscle mass.

Women who are fed up with the results with their current long boring treadmill sessions, give proper strength training by working out once or at most, twice a week, making sure your workouts last no longer than 20 minutes. See the results.


Today’s Workout 30/09/2011

The last workout of the week.

I integrated some body weight movements into my training today. I plan on investing into a set of rings that would help add a new dimension to my training. Anyways, the core of my resistance training remains simple.

Weighted Pull ups

Weighted Dips

Trap Bar Dead lifts

Push ups on the floor

Inverted Body weight rows

Stiff leg dead lifts

Practiced a few handstands.  Haven’t been able to nail even one, but will sure progress towards achieving this.


Why Even Resolute Dieters Often Fail

Staying active, though a very important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, is not enough to elicit a favorable fat loss response in individuals. Also, the calories in vs calories out principle which has been the headlines of most fat loss programs and news is not true. A recent article in The New York Times reviews this. Permanent Link

Today’s Workout 23/09/2011

Had a fun filled weekend at Pondy. Had my first and only workout of the week today.

Trap Bar Dead lift

Weighted Dips

Weighted Chins

A full body workout that addresses all major muscle groups. Goes to show how efficient a workout can get if you choose the proper exercises.  If one were to choose just a handful of exercises and strive to progress, one would achieve their physique oriented and fitness goals much sooner than what bodybuilding orthodoxy proposes.



The following is a review article published by Dave Smith & Stewart Bruce-Low, identifying what protocols can be recommended for resistance training based not on tradition or fashion, but on evidence. This article is a follow up to their earlier article that was published in Dec 2004 in the Journal of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists titled “Strength Training Methods and the Work of Arthur Jones”

I highly recommend you to download it and have a read.  It challenges most exercise orthodoxy that cloud the truth and goes on to proves what science recommends for proper resistance training.

To summarize

Do one set of each exercise to muscular failure

Work each muscle group no more than twice a week

Move slowly and smoothly during each repetition

Keep the repetitions in the range of 8 to 12 for optimal increases in strength & endurance.


I am part of Post a week 2011

I will be posting at least once a week in 2011. My workout of the week, rather two will ensure that visitors get an insight into how little formal training is required to achieve a lean and muscular physique.

I will be using The DailyPost, to help me contribute what I’ve learnt.

Looking forward to posting more interactive and exciting posts.